The Competition Policy Review panel has suggested that an independent regulator be introduced to ensure that consumers are able to benefit from the growing choices of taxi services and the technological changes.

Here’s some dating real talk: The conversation could be scintillating, the number of interests you share could be phenomenal, but if your date decided to slip on some bright orange Crocs to meet you, the sparks are never going to fly. Love is blind, but not completely blind.

On Monday, Redditors shared the clothing choices that instantly turn them off. Read some of the worst offenders below.

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Unexpected wedding guests

Oh deer! We bet the bride and groom didn’t expect to see these guys in their wedding photo:

Ian Christmann / Catalyst Photography

This incredible pic — which racked up over one million views in just under five hours — was posted to Reddit Monday with the caption, “My brother shot a wedding this weekend, they had some unexpected guests.”

Photobombs don’t get much cuter than that!

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A lot of seniors hear it at graduation day, “Don’t take life too seriously.” But these seniors learned that lessons long before donning their cap and gown. Check out the funniest class clowns for the class of 2015.

I personally like Yelp. Over the past few years, the only poor dining experiences I’ve had were a result of not consulting with the user-generated review site, usually decisions made not of my own volition. Business owners, on the other hand, have long-since had a tumultuous relationship with Yelp since reviews cannot be altered or deleted and disgruntled customers often leave unfair reviews — but I feel like most informed consumers can effectively weed through the BS.

Listen, I get it. People like what people like, and, with so many options available, complaining about the inferior choices made by others is kind of pointless and petty when you could just as easily skip those things altogether in favor of something else. So, in that respect, that I’m about to spend a couple thousand words of column space explaining why the shows a lot of you enjoy are a little more beloved than they deserve to be might seem like kind of a dick move.

Next-gen USB gives HDMI rival a piggyback ride

DisplayPort technology lost out to HDMI in the marketplace, but it could get some help from next-gen USB connectors coming in 2015. Don’t kiss those copper cables goodbye just yet.